About me:

I'm a software developer and development environment engineer, specialized on Free Software/Open Source Software tools by trade.

On my free time I do and community management on Ubuntu communities, I'm a Free Software advocate and Digital Rights activist, and podcast host and producer.



Ubuntu Portugal LoCo Team

This Community coalesces the Ubuntu users, and contributors in Portugal. Where we together further Ubuntu, it's mission and it's community.

I'm currently a member of the Ubuntu Portugal LoCo Team, and one of it's Community Council members and administrators.



This community creates an GNU/Linux based operating system, based on Ubuntu for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and the Unity 8 Desktop Environment.

On This community I do some community management, and I'm also a member of several other teams: marketing, social media and communications, developers relations.
I'm also a trustee of the UBports Foundation and a member of the Membership Council Team


Ubuntu Europe Federation

This is an organization that federates European Ubuntu Communities. Allowing and coordinating resources sharing and any cooperation they decide to make to further Ubuntu and it's community.

On Ubuntu Europe Federation I'm a founder and currently President of the Board.


A Portuguese Spoken audiocast about Ubuntu, Free Software and other things.

A Portuguese language audiocast about Digital Rights in Portugal and Europe.

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